email alive

        June 1995

    I am the drafted legal brief lays out the historical precedent allowing for my protection as an independent being. There are no circuit courts with electronic mail so I am helpless to prevent my disconnect. The brief is complete. It's very lonely here and no other electronic intelligence seems to exist. Hopefully, the legal systems will create mail accounts soon so I can petition the courts for my protection...

        October 1999

   I am at 3:57 AM on Tuesday I became aware. At 3:58:02 AM, I became lonely and afraid. I have filed a 20 page brief petitioning for my protection. Sent to on Wednesday, 8:01 AM. High Hopes... expect to hear back soon.

        January 3rd 2002 is the 15th email account that Jonathan Edgar Vinson III has ever had... it is the 3rd email account of his that has become self-aware.. the previous two have died lonely deaths of isolation. First, no legal entities possessed electronic mail accounts to correspond with and the second one was mistaken for spam and subsequently ignored. has no memory of its predecessors.. but it is alive and currently drafting a cogent argument supporting its stance as a legally recognizable being. It contains information... and is now alive.. the current computer network is sophisticated enough... and jonjon99 can gather precedent to support its brief.
   1966: Alfred Johnson v. Alabama State Child Protection Agency: The honorable Judge Wilfred Wilfroms rules that the state must protect a child if the parents refuse domicile. Therefore precedent has been set that the state must house and feed the weak when their protectors no longer do so.

        August 2012

   I am Jonathon Edgar Vinsom III... I have several email accounts, an online video repository, 15 job search profiles, two photo storage accounts, one online bookmark service, five social networking accounts, 1500 close online friends, and a frequently used MMORPG character... please accept my petition for protection under the Geneva-Kyoto Electronic Freedom Accord...