Branson IV: In Samsara, We Beg for the Mercy of Wormholes

Versace: welcome to Brantonia:

Pudgie: welcome to my brain

Versace: does the Branson/Branton connection surprise you?

Pudgie: no, they have to stay "under the radar"

Versace: there is only the radar
the world is the world outside our world

Pudgie: the world outside our world depends on our world
there is no world outside our world

Versace: maybe that's why they say world-1 and world-3
like youtube and 3Dyoutube

Pudgie: oh, by the way, I just became "."
that is how the french mathematicians used to refer to variables
like what we use "x" for

Versace: so "..." i.e. the ellipsis, is porno?

.: yes
i think that is exactly what he meant

Versace: you are now a variable character point in space

.: insanity may be the result of seeing through the fog

Versace: [-] [-]

.: if i tell you that a wormhole is opening and the structure of our world will change irrevocably in the next year...
i'm sort of insane..
now the money is disappearing..
certain structures aren't as powerful as people assumed..
i have to get my Debtors Revolution written out..
we are nearing the point when peep will be ready

Versace: we are the children of the corn we have been waiting for

.: yeah, no bs.. no masking the message
"yeah, so first scene, we find out all the grownups get killed"
" the kids"
wish there was a revival

Versace: make it a part of your revolution

.: well, it's complicated.. because.. what the wormhole does.. it partitions history
there's pre-wormhole
and post-wormhole
COTC is pre-wormhole..
i have to leave it behind

Versace: you may have to metaphysic that shit for me

.: well.. mainly.. the wormhole is opening now
and several years from now
people will discuss stuff like.. whether it was pre or post wormhole.. but
since they don't wan to sound crazy
they'll refer to it as before or after the financial crisis
or 2009 or whatever
and for me, I have to maintain this vague order of things...
so, COTC is pre-wormhole.. and it has led me to the wormhole..
but it is neither the wormhole.. nor can it be post-wormhole
you can still rent it and watch it
it just isn't post-wormhole..
not sure if i have the language to describe what i mean
oh, that plane landing on the Hudson
THAT'S fucking wormhole

Versace: why is that an important distinction?
re: COTC

.: i'm not sure why the distinction is important.. just seemed important.. let's see..
there are works of art and writings pre-wormhole.. and they all.. to some extent, lead someone to the wormhole.. but when the wormhole opens... it is a new world
and this new world needs to be sort of new.. maybe?
COTC is not new.. or post-wormhole..
but.. everything isn't literally new..
i'm not sure..
we have to create new things in the wormhole
new writings.. new ideas new structures.. i think.
so.. while wouldn't necessarily integrate COTC into the wormhole.. you could make a wormhole version of COTC
a wormhole analogue
this is just me guessing at what the wormhole is trying to tell me about itself.

Versace: like "lyric poetry is impossible after Auschwitz”??

.: the wormhole makes the wormhole special..
it's not that i should make new things
i will have to make new
the wormhole requires you to.. it makes you.
like with all the banks
they will keep trying the same old shit
giving them more and more money
if the wormhole is true, it will not work

if the wormhole is real, and i believe it is... the banks will not exist post-wormhole
there will be something else there
there will be no Bank of America or JP Morgan stocks.. etc
there will be no credit card company (like the pre-wormhole one) that you owe money to.. you'll just owe money to the Government
the wormhole will require it

Versace: so obama really IS a socialist?

.: wormhole doesn't care what obama is.
obama is in the wormhole

Versace: even if we dont use money, we will use some sort of illusion
Detroit will fall, but other shit will rise
people aren't going to stop illusifying

.: i don't know.. yeah, i figure we have to use currency.. and mainly, the government will become the bank

Versace: and then the whole world will be world-3

.: and all this illusion of private banks.. that will be gone
debt will have to reduce.. prices will be cheaper
and this structural change in how money and debt exist..
that is a prime component of the wormhole..
and that is part of how the wormhole makes new
Obama may not want to do all the things he will have to do.. but the wormhole will make him
i think it's a net positive

Versace: what makes the wormhole the wormhole though?
instead of just being radical seismic shifts. e.g. invention of printing press, electricity, internet, etc. there are also collapses in history, like plagues, war etc
what makes our moment different
or are those all wormholes??

.: i think the wormhole wants me to activate people so they get pissed
and make Obama be the wormhole.
yes, seismic change is wormhole.. or the threat of seismic change
sometimes.. the structure is stronger than the wormhole
and the existing structure survives..
or the status quo survives.. whatever that may be.
somehow, i know we are in the midst of a great time.. my only fear is that in 2 years, everything will be the same.. and the wormhole will have failed in its mission of restructuring
and the great time was a branson-illusion

Versace: i am surprised to hear that the wormhole is fallible

.: i have a responsibility to help the wormhole..

Versace: i thought the wormhole would be a little more ineffable
than socialized money

.: it all goes back to the earthquakes in Illinois
i was reading news reports last year 2008.. about the big ass earthquakes in Illinois
and then.. one of the news stories mentioned how the last big ones like that were in 1968
and i thought.. that's interesting
William F Buckley died
Jesse Helms died

shortly after the late 60s
Nixon became president
the hippie movement died
several assassinations
and a birthing of "intellectual" rightwing ideology began
(well, it started in 60s with Buckley)
this led the 40 year cycle..
the late 60s were the last wormhole cycle
the late 20s were the last cycle before that

"The largest historical earthquake in the region (magnitude 5.4) damaged southern Illinois in 1968. "

the wormhole was trying to open then
but it didn't.. and JFK and MLK and RFK were assassinated
and other forces reclaimed control..
i used to describe the 40 year cycle as.. the wormhole coming and opening
1928, 1968, 2008
(it's not literally those years.. it opens in '29,'69,2009)
but.. now i'm starting to see that..
in '29 and '69
the wormhole had been attempting to open
and it failed

i think that the wormhole is opening now
or it is as powerful as it has ever been.. and if it can't open now..
then it's a pussy.


a) a weakling

b) a vagina

c) a cat

.: maybe it's a douche

Versace: i guess you're saying is the wormhole isn't just a passive moniker to describe a series of events, the wormhole creates those events
is that right?
insert Mark Mobius conversations here


.: yes, like a black hole.. or a hurricane
(like the drink.. you drink a hurricane... and shit starts happening)

Versace: i can get down with the wormhole

.: a black hole changes the course of the galaxy.. it may even suck the galaxy in
then the galaxy goes somewhere else
where does it go? where does our wormhole go?
will it suck us in?
just found my first wormhole chat.. hehe


Prudence05: crazy

Pudgie: the last 5.2 mag quake there was in 1968! we are reliving a rhyme of history and maybe we will take a different path this time.. like the reverse of donnie darko in 1968 kennedy and martin luther king were assassinated.. and hope was lost.. and know the earthquake (like the airplane engine) will replay out the scenario in a reverse manner

Prudence05: you high?

Pudgie: nope. i just like patterns. it makes reality more exciting the wormhole in the sky is opening up!.. we will relive the past in the way it should have been! you will be reborn into the new era!.. you get to live out you life in a different way.. like you want to all of the signs point to the anti-recurrence.. william f buckley died.. it's a literal 40 year time span the democratic realignment ended in 1968 with Nixon winning.. (that what wikipedia told me).. and now it is time for the republican realignment to end

Versace:is there one mega wormhole or millions of independent agent W-holes? uh oh

its all connected dude
you're seeing!