Kill the Body and the Body Will Die

Happy Thanksgiving

The Path To Enlightenment VIA Wino-Energy-Booze (Four Loko, Tilt, et al)

There are a few aspects of modern reality that come from insanity.

The reverend Thomas Bayes wished to prove the existence of God using probability theory in the 1800s. The great Alan Turing (as a teenager) wanted nothing more than to have his dead lover live on by uploading his (the dead lover's) mind into a machine.

I've heard silly shit like, "Necessity is the mother of invention." This is false. 'Necessity is the mother of invention' suggests that things like, "I am hungry" or "Boy, I sure am cold." lead to most of the inventions we see in reality.

Painful loss and immense fear is the mother of invention.

There is a vast creative streak to be found in the ultimately contributory inventions of our times. Most probably, every insane person has nothing to contribute to the world.. but one percent of the insane can contribute more to humankind that ninety-nine percent of the sane could ever hope to contribute.

What idiot would suppose that attempting to retrofit probability theory to proving God's existence might be a reasonable angle to take? What sort of dipshit might think he could upload a dead person's mind into a machine that doesn't even exist?

Yet, these pursuits.. the pursuits of people driven by irrational pain and fear.. led to great achievements.

So, one is stuck.. analyse your offerings based on your own ability to evaluate these offerings (and most definitely judge them to be deficient).. or follow your insanity, and let history judge these offerings.

When one follows their own insanity, they will most likely fail. But, they may provide something of value.

When one follows collective sensibilities, they will not be embarrassed. They can feel safe in their decisions. But their contribution to humanity will be nothing. But, no one will ever question your decisions.

So, what is one left with?

Avoid humiliation at all costs and die un-embarrassed and most possibly loved by your friends.

Seek humiliation and die most probably embarrassed and scorned. Also, have no friends. And, be considered stupid and ugly looking and possibly un-stylish.

Obviously, this is a false dichotomy I've created. I desire to imagine myself as a greatly insane creator.. so I've pigeonholed sanity. I've stated that what I am not is undesirable.

One cannot win.

This is the core conceptual idea that one must embrace. If one possesses ideas, one cannot evaluate those ideas. To evaluate your own ideas is to place yourself in the realm of the barber who cuts their own hair.

Granted, one understands that our modern world makes this a more tenuous place to place oneself in.

So many imbeciles desire to create.

They believe that their desire to create can justify their creations.

And, this is the great trick of modern society. To convince those that might create something of use that their creations are the same as the creations of the ocean of idiots that exist in the world.

We, as animals, cannot know what use our ideas may have to the world at large. Or, most importantly, we should not know what use our ideas have.

We should be willing to accept that our contributions to society may be meaningless. We should accept that we are potentially fools. And, this is the hardest thing.

The hardest concept to accept is the one that suggests that our existence is foolish.

Or maybe, this construction is false. Maybe there are plenty of very intelligent humans who have accepted this reality... and they go about their days creating despite the odds. They, in their sophistication, have already moved beyond this simplistic barrier that I run up against.

And, it is I, the insipid writer, who has not understood the ultimate lesson of our world. "Screw it, just do it." as the great Richard Branson once said.

So then, all of these things we do... have they meaning?

Is this message in a bottle of worth? Don't speak to me. Don't reach out to sooth my insipiditiousness (I don't care if the spellchecker does not recognize this word. It is a word. I have created it.)

You, you readers of this blog.. where do you place yourselves?! Where do you place yourselves in this world of nonsense?

Are you safe? Is safety preferable? What are you safe from? Is endless entertainment the only thing we are pursuing as a people?

Do you seek only to impress upon others the endless excitedness of your existence? All the things you do, are they just done to ensure that others might potentially be jealous of these things that you have done?