Branson V: Keep Fucking That Chicken

Pudgie: how did you beat the sink? did you verbally accost it? or use a magic spell?

Versace: we changed our approach. we did it in three stages

after the plunging, i cleaned everything up, as if signaling to the sink that we were "done" and it had won

i let it enjoy a night of thinking

then the next morning i poured Clorox straight down its throat

Pudgie: yeah, sink gets cocky.. thinking it can relax

Versace: and after that i dropped abt a cup of baking soda and chased that with some white vinegar

and i clogged the holes

i made a bleach volcano

Pudgie: "you lose! sink!"

Versace: sink be sunk

Pudgie: so, you are blind now right? from the bleach splashing up in your eyes.

Versace: yes, but it is all part of the delicious voctory


sorry i can’t type right because i am blind

i think i may have meaninglessness

Pudgie: but, your teeth and hands are clean.. and pig flu free

it's like the M night shamalamadingdong twist

where people are like.. "Oh shit, he went blind.. from the bleach.. how sad.."

"..just to unclog a sink"

and then it's like..

Oh fuck! everyone is dying from the pig-bird-human-flu mutation.. gryphon.."

and you are like.. "I'll just wash my hands.. and It'll be cool.. cause my sink will drain"

and you survive

and.. everyone is like.. "He had to go blind to really see how to survive."



i will lead the naked people to the sink by their vaginas and penises

Pudgie: yeah, i left out that part.. cause it's a nice surprise

Versace: thats the NC17 version

Pudgie: the H17N version

Versace: and someone will ask is that a urine cake in your toilet?

Pudgie: pussy cake biatch

Versace: and i will reminisce abt the time we talked abt pussacake

Pudgie: that will be one of the last conversations that you will be able to visually remember

Versace: and float on the wings of a memory

and i will shake my head and i will say, “i wish the sink had won”

Pudgie: maybe the sink did win

Versace: maybe i am the sink and the sink was me

maybe we played a role playing game

Pudgie: a sexy role play.. i mean. all that plunging and bleach

i think it is "cuca"

Versace: i feel that

Pudgie: in guatamala, honduras and venezuela maybe

cuca can be:
9. Cunt (vagina). (Ante Meridian & Central America) (m)"

Versace: what is 1.-8.?????

Pudgie: boring ass shit

Versace: i think you just made an interesting discovery of the word "ass-shit"

Pudgie: and.. the organization of the page doesn't even make sense.. it's saying that "cunt" is a verb..

Versace: i cunt to 69

that is the lamest joke I ever made

Pudgie: i thought you were for real.

Versace: but it covers up the ass-shit you just made, "boring ass-shit"

like literally, very interesting

Pudgie: holy shit

there was a referent.

Versace: shit that came out of an ass and it was boring

how was it boring?

in itself, it was boring

Pudgie: well.. I was thinking more about the "'nothing' is meaningless" phrase..

oh.. well it was boringass like stupid-ass

and really.. boring-ass could be a misdirection of "boring as" "boring as shit"

and .. shit is boring

it just sits there

in a pile

Versace: yes, but the syllabic emphasis on ass-shit is unique.

i.e. hello, ass shit

Pudgie: hello. ass! shit!

Versace: cf. ass hole

ass as adj, shit as noun

Pudgie: it's more like associative communication

hey, house roof!

Versace: it's obvs, exactly

e.g. face nose

Pudgie: yeah

Versace: or mouth words

or brain thoughts

or dick piss

Pudgie: yeah.. mouth words

and brain thoughts follow boring-dick piss

Versace: beware of where the hypen lies

Pudgie: boring dick-piss

Versace: word

Pudgie: boringdickpiss

Versace: check that url unless you want to be poor all your life

Sorry, we couldn't find

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Pudgie: dude.. you have to be careful.. if we check it.. and it aint claimed.. then someone will steal it

they'll be like.. "buy for $15"

Versace: well, i am the sink. that's exactly what i want

Pudgie: "this site is currently unclaimed"

What you need, when you need it

Pudgie: dude.. my corporate filter will all get mad ass-shit at Versace for browsing at work

Versace: ok

Pudgie: is there like.. a..


Versace: we can talk abt nothing is meaningless if you want

bass shit? as in stand up bass shit? or striped bass shit?

is striped bass shit striped?

Pudgie: all that shit

or.. even


Versace: parentheses clog the sink

Pudgie: my fucking sink is full of parentheticals :(

bleach won't get those out..

Versace: need to change them to null sets

Pudgie: {{},{},{}}

Versace: YEAH

That looks like an ear shit

Pudgie: {{{},{}},{{},{}},{{},{}}}

Versace: yeah you eating head bran

Pudgie: it never ends

Versace: brain bran

Pudgie: bran bran

bro bran

bran for bros

Versace: bran bros.

brothers bran

uh oh

Pudgie: don't do it

Versace: are you fucking with Versace?

Pudgie: what that?

Versace: bran bros

Pudgie: yeah

Versace: bran...

Pudgie: hehe


Versace: FUCK


Pudgie: rules everything around me

Versace: it is the non-orientable sink

Pudgie: we've flipped over to our reflection


Versace: everything becomes Branson in the sink

the black hole

the snake eats its own tail

even Ourboros is close enuf to branson!

if we slide a few marks around there

Pudgie: all is branson

Versace: i would need to do it on a flow chart

Pudgie: we established that in .. our year of the branson.. 2008


O u r o b o r o s

b r a n s O n

Pudgie: you understand now that Ouroboros is the connection between Branson and The Worm HOle

Versace: left over letters from line 1: u o o r o

Pudgie: this.. is where the forever repeating cycle meets branson

this is where we find out what this all means and how it connects to the fuckingpigflu

Versace: left over letters from line 2: n n

flip a u into an n

then we have line 1: ooro, line 2: n

Pudgie: dudu


in the non-orientable strip.. the "u" is an "n"

it just has to travel far enough across the strip

to reflect over into the other

Versace: a misdrawn "r" could be interpreted for an "n" easily

then we are left with the three "OOO"

interlinked mobius

and 3 (do you hear me?) THREE d TUBE

or if you build an "n" from an "r" and an "o" we are left with a more traditional "OO" which translates into an obvious hieroglyphic of a mobius strip

ouroboros is branson through the klein bottle looking glass

the ouroboros is the genesis snake

In the beginning there was BRANSON


Pudgie: the ouroboros was probably the beginning of the mobius strip.. the first occurrence

they were afraid to show us the true, twisted, non-orientability of the mobius existence

Versace: snake is the revealer of truth (mobius dyslexia)

Pudgie: so.. they used the snake eating itself as an introduction

well.. it is the revealer of all being its own opposite

or reflection

Versace: Branson is Adam, the first human being

Pudgie: yes.. but we mean

"Branson" is Adam

Versace: HOLY CUCA

i think we mean "Branson" is "Adam"

Pudgie: because.. Branson is "Branson"

but without Branson.. there is still "Branson"

Versace: {}

Pudgie: it's like.. wtf is G*D or YHWH or whatever.. "Branson" is the symbol for it.. but you can't really say it

and Branson is a representation of "Branson"

oh.. and i think.. maybe we mean that Adam is "Branson"

Versace: what is also interesting is the ouroboros is like the ultimate boy fantasy of being able to suck your own dick

Pudgie: Branson IS the boy sucking his own dick.. that's his magic

Versace: he has no vertebrae

no "spine"

he is part jackal

Pudgie: look.. we already know... he is a part of all time

Versace: we need to see his scalp

Pudgie: it is forever

it has always been new to you

and to me

Versace: i must have the amnesia gene on the dna Pudgie helix strip

Pudgie: but that is the magic of branson

it is forever new

Versace: new olds

Pudgie: we only have a little time.. we must prepare for the fuckingpigflu so we can survive long enough to really understand everything we are learning now.

Versace: when pigs fly - pigs flew - pig flu = this is all impossible

but it already happened

Pudgie: pigs flu

pigs flu is already here

pig's flu will bring us into the future

Versace: when pigs flew is a thing of the past

Pudgie: maybe that is what the "when pigs fly" thing means

it is a mis-nostradamusification of a future-vision

he heard.. "Pig's flu"

and thought..

it was about pigs flying

but.. it wasn't

it was a mistake

it was about the pig flu.. that would try to wipe us out

but.. he didn't know fucking ENGLISH.. FUCK!!!

Versace: but all conditions that were dependent on "when pigs fly" were impossibilities

Pudgie: so

Versace: so some crazy CRAZY shit is going to happen

Pudgie: whe n

the "Pig's Flu"

is here



is possible

Versace: spontaneous miscenegation

Pudgie: haha

all those crazy mixed race sexual encounters

it's all possible.

Versace: a better world is plausible

Pudgie: you understand how to fight the pig flu right?

Versace: suck my own dick?

Pudgie: no..that's just something to do for fun if you can

the pig-bird-flu kills peep between 20-45

Versace: the worst part abt bleached eyes is i can't see the pigs

Pudgie: because they are healthy

and they immune system overreacts

Versace: so i shd change my birth certificate

Pudgie: so you have to weaken your immune system to survive the fuckingpigflu

Versace: good thing i am always depressed and drunk all the time

that shd save Versace

Pudgie: you die of a cytokline storm..

dammit.. what’s the spelling

yes, you have to drink booze

and eat sugary shit

Versace: ok let Versace get some Peeps and soak them in rum

Pudgie: no man

Versace: branson rum

Pudgie: you need Hawaiian Punch1

and rum

it is all connected!

all of this

Versace: Punchy

Pudgie: it has been leading us up to the path of survival and transcendence into the future

in the past

Versace: Long Live PUNCHY, survivor of the time when pigs flew

Pudgie: people would be like.. "That's retarded.. drinking hawaiian punch and rum.. it's very bad for you"

now.. they're like.. "How did you know? it was the only way to survive pig's flying."

Versace: ok time to do some 151 with HP for dinner

add a floater


that's what gets you! the Cytokine Storm!!

are you putting shit in your drink?

that should be extra weakening on your immune system..

so that's good.

Versace: i dont want to freak you too hard, but why don't you sit down and open the cytokinestorm link you just sent Versace, then open this...

we have some serious brain bran to ass shit right now

Pudgie: OHSHIT!

the H5N1 virus IS "Branson"

it's his chart

it's its chart

the "branson" chart

Versace: he is when pigs fly

he is the time of the impossible happening

Pudgie: it always seems so surprising to see.. but.. that is the nature of "Branson"... always new